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- Useful Links -

AKC -Beginnerís Guide to Dog Shows - Provides information about all different aspects of a dog show.

CanaDogs - CanaDogs website.. we are listed there for Miniature Schnauzers and Labrador Retrievers.

Canuck Dogs - Canadian canine event information on the Internet.

CKC Events Calendar - This site provides information on the when and where for CKC upcoming events.

Coat Color Inheritance - A guide for determining what coat colors you can expect from a given breeding.

Dog Breeds - breeder directory has 1000's of resources for all breeds. Free breeder listings. Breeds, breeders, kennels, puppies, registries, articles, books, information, clubs, associations and many more.

Health Gene Laboratory - Offers tests for coat and nose colors in a vast number of dog breeds. Now, by DNA testing, we can successfully predict the future coat as well as nose colors of puppies.

National Service Dogs - Sandyshore Kennel is happy to to support National Service Dogs. National Service Dogs (NSD) is a non-profit Registered Charity specializing in breeding, training and placing Labrador and Golden Retrievers with children under age 10 who have autism. NSD also provides service dogs for children with physical and visual challenges who are under age 18.

Canine Ovulation Test Pads - These test pads are cost effective, easy to read and use, with instant results at home. They indicate when your dog is ovulating and ready to be mated.

TRAINING TIPS - How to Cage Train - Obedience Lessons -- Pages on this site!


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